Fiscella Srl was born in the early 70s with an imprint turned to metal carpentry with Carmine Antonio Fiscella.
Several years later, with the takeover of Franco Fiscella, reality underwent an evolution where they began to experiment with the first thermo-fireplaces.

Over time, the Fiscella company has gained many experiences by introducing the use of advanced technologies to the fireplace stove and boilers that have allowed them to stand out on the market. The materials of the Fiscella products are still aesthetically pleasing, reliable, and long-lasting, without neglecting the charm of tradition.

For about 15 years, the company has been the only one in southern Italy to introduce
the use of laser technology to make specific cuts for any sector assisted by the automatic warehouse for continuous cycle productions; this technology allows us to work a wide range of metals in different thicknesses and with great efficiency and versatility.

The company also enjoys IMQ, environmental certifications, with which the production quality is confirmed both for the company and for customers.